Graduate Advising

Hello! Welcome to my graduate advising page. This page is mostly for my EPSY graduate students, but my SPA graduate students can also make appointments with me here - just let me know which program you are in when you make an appointment. 

For my EPSY graduate students, you are likely emailing me about the Plan of Study. There are a few things I would like you to do before scheduling a meeting with me. 

1. Find the plan of study document under your degree program (e.g., Masters of Arts) on the Degrees page on the EPSY website

2. Go to Flashline and look at the GPS tracker so you can get an idea of courses that you would like to take and when they are offered

3. Get a meeting with me on Microsoft Bookings to answer questions or send me an instant message on Slack

4. Send me your completed plan of study to get my signature

5. Send the plan of study to Graduate Student Services

Note: If youre plan of study changes after you have submitted the document to GSS, that is ok. We will submit the modified plan of study for you prior to graduation. The plan of study can change any time. 

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