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Teaching | Jennifer M. Roche, PhD


Teaching Philosophy: Jenny finds that feedback is the critical to learning and education. She works hard to promote student success, self-efficacy, learning, and critical thinking through opportunities to fix mistakes. She feels that her methods reduce the likelihood that student cram for exams, but also increase effort reading sources, good note taking, and attending class. Most of all, she recognizes her students are individuals and their individual success is of utmost importance. 

Current Courses (typical semester): 

SPA 44111 - Neural Processes (Fall)

SPA 44112 - Age Related Changes in Cognition &  

         Communication (Spring)        

SPA 64500 - Normal Language Processes (Fall)

EPSY 65525 - Learning Theories (Fall, Spring)

EPSY 65523 - Lifespan Development (Spring)

EPSY 6/89095 - Introduction to R (Fall)


~Anonymous Undergraduate Student: SPA 44111

If you would like to request a letter of recommendaton, please read the information I provide here: Undergraduate Letter of Recommendation